Blake bangs the innoscent boy – scream and moan my dear

Blake Mitchell exudes effortless cool and brings every inch of his 9″ personality to a hookup with boyish heartthrob Davey Brooks. Davey has quite a big personality himself and the two cool boys seem eager to be friends. Blake soon reveals his softer side by kissing and caressing the smooth young boy, helping him get warmed up for his thick dick. The twenty-year-old stud then uses his full frame to drill Davey’s bubble butt until he has his new bro moaning with pleasure.

Whether he really knew what to do, whether it were instinct and thirst, but when he pulled Davey’s belt and moan, he stroke slowly his penis where Davey shies to touch yourself, he was unbearably hot. His cock throbbed to the beat Davey moans, he was breathing in this rhythm of short, sensual sounds.
They get out of clothing, helping each other, and Blake thought: he could burn.
When flushed skin touched a blue bed linen, Davey suddenly realized: he’s going to do this. To have sex. Love. With Blake. The thought made him washed over a hot wave below the back from head to toe . It was hot, and ashamed, and incredibly good. He had never experienced anything like that, he was innoscent. It was his first sex.
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